Wednesday, January 4, 2012


For now, I'll only take orders for shoes and felt keychains. so for those who are interested, please do email me at with this form filled.

ITEM : Shoe/felt keychain
DETAILS : (describe the colours and design you want)
SIZE : (in cm for keychains and shoe size for shoes) *you could also give your own shoe instead me buying.

If prefer for me to buy i'd only buy epallas school shoes (white) because it'll cost cheaper and last longer. but if you want me to draw on your own shoes i'd be more delighted to do so. i only draw on sneakers and crocs.


Assalamualaikum to all Muslims and Hello to everyone.

Here I'd like to welcome you to NUR'S DOODLE. I'm Nur Ummairah, the owner of this blogshop. I love art in general and i love to get my fingers on it. Either on food, shoes, shirt or even papers, i'll always find a way to put my ideas to it. Here are some of the doodles i've made for my friends :)

for IezahDiyana

for Nurafiqah Nasuha

for Arif Roslan (Steam)

During my free time

Oh yea, I can write hangeul too :) that's my name btw

The drink is called TGIF, when I was as the bartender for serving class

for my laptop

Drew this when I was 16 y/o

for a art lover friend named Syahir aka AVART

I'm a culinary art student who simply have passion for arts. things i'd love to do during my free time are this doodling stuff. Hope I could satisfy your needs as much as how I made for my friends and family. 

Thanks for reading.